college mentalist entertainers
antonina & david
stage setup

Performance area

Show on a Stage/Riser:
Stage/Riser with a minimum size of 8’x16’, and a minimum 8’ foot floor to celling clearance is required. (Keep in mind this is a minimum as a large area is preferred.)

Show on a Flat Floor:
Show can be performed on ground floor in an open area that is visible by the audience.


Professional stage lights are encouraged but not required. If there is no Stage lights available then the performance area must be well lit for the audience to properly see the show.


Antonina and David can supply their own PA system and sound equipment for events with in the New England Area.

Theatrical productions or events outside of the New England area a PA system must be supplied with a sound board that has an input for two wireless microphones and a Ipad. Antonina and David will supply the wireless microphone and Ipad.

Microphones: these have a XLR output and must be able to be plugged into the mixer board.

Ipad : will be controlled by a wireless remote with a range of 75 feet. The closer to the stage the mixer board or the plug in for the Ipad the better. The plug in for the Ipad can be done via RCA red and white 1/8 inch audio cable or a XLR channel using a passive direct box which Antonina and David will bring.

Mind Reading Show
College Entertainers
Boston Magician and Mentalist

College mentalist and corporate entertainers Antonina & David perform a unique mind reading show with elements of telepathy, active audience participation and unexpected reveals. Their show has been described as highly interactive and incredibly amazing.