Antonina & David – Mind Reading Show Video

the Mind Reading Show

The mind reading show performed by Antonina & David consists of different elements such as direct mind reading, telepathy act, amazing predictions and coincidences. Direct mind reading happens when a participant on the stage, first of all, is asked to think about different things such as a family member’s name, a vacation place they would like to go, their lucky lottery number and many more. While a person is thinking about it, Antonina & David work with the participant and pick on their thoughts. Another part of the show is an act of telepathy. And telepathy is a communication of thoughts between two people without speaking, it happens between Antonina and an audience member. While blindfolded on the stage, Antonina’s back is turned to the crowd. David approaches the audience members one by one, have them hold an object and focus on it. The more participant’s concentration on the object is, the better telepathy reading is. Another part of telepathy includes a revealing of a person’s birthday on stage. While the telepathy makes the show incredibly unique, predictions which take place in the show make the audience gasp in disbelief and keep them engaged. Antonina & David have predictions ready before the show, and they include vacations spots, activities people do, numbers and many more. Furthermore, Antonina & David like to make unbelievable coincidences happen throughout the show. Things which seem to be random become meant to be and making sense. All these elements in the mind reading show performed by Antonina & David make it a truly unique experience for everyone who gets to see it. Their mind reading show is a great fit for the colleges, corporate events and private events, it is always entertaining and fun. In addition to the mind reading show, David also performs a hypnosis show called Cards Against Hypnosis.