Mind Readers for Events

create an unforgettable party

Antonina & David - Mind Readers for events

Antonina & David offer interactive performances and are well-known as mind readers for private events.

Stand-up mind reading show  

Get ready to be engaged and entertained by their uncanny ability to read the thoughts of audience volunteers, make astounding predictions, uncover and expose other mysteries and coincidences in this mind reading show!
To point out, one of the unique elements of this show is a telepathy act. In fact, this telepathy performance dates back to the times of Vaudeville theater and is rarely seen nowadays. While blindfolded, Antonina is able to pierce into volunteer’s mind and reveal an untold thoughts, leaving crowds gasping.
This stand-up show can be performed on a flat floor or on a riser/stage. This show works great as an after dinner show.

Walk-around mind reading performance 

This type of performance works great especially for cocktail style events/ informal dinners. During this performance Antonina & David walk around and put on mini shows for smaller groups and get them laughing and having fun. For this reason, walk-around mind readers for events are wildly popular and work  great as an “icebreaker”.
Moreover, Antonina & David can combine walk-around and stand-up performances. 
Typically, they will start with a walk-around during a cocktail hour and perform a close-up mind reading effects for guests. This gets everyone excited for the stand-up show. Then, usually after the dinner, Antonina & David will perform a stand-up show.
As a matter of fact, mind readers for events many special occasions, including holiday events, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
Antonina & David are happy to work with the specifics of your event and help you create an unforgettable celebration.

“You blew the crowd out of the water! Everyone was so impressed! Everyone is still talking about the mind-blowing things you did!”

“You took a room of skeptical engineers and had them puzzled with the mysteries of mentalism!”

“Their performance was amazing, our employees were raving about it!”

“Everybody at the party had a fabulous time, best party we ever had!”