Antonina & David The Mentalists – perform for corporate events, private parties, colleges and more!

  • Walk Around Mentalist Duo

    Antonina and David’s charming personalities and amazing walk-around, up-close, sleight-of-hand and mind reading tricks will get people talking, laughing and having a great time! Moving from group to group as a Mentalist team they will engage your guests together with mini close-up shows packed with surprises and astonishing effects such as: Mind Reading, telekinesis and a blindfolded act of telepathy. This performance modality is an excellent cocktail hour icebreaker for a corporate party or any private event, as audiences are amazed and the laughter gets going the room takes on an upbeat dynamic.

  • Stand-up Mentalist/Mind Reading Show

    Antonina & David perform an amazing two person Mentalist show with lots of audience participation. Their show is extremely interactive and includes: Revealing volunteers thoughts (such as the most memorable vacation or childhood friends names), Future predictions (such as winning the lottery) and many other unbelievable coincidences. A truly unique experience for your audience will be when Antonina performs the art of Telepathy while blindfolded, Antonina is able to pierce into the mind of an audience member and reveal untold thoughts. This double threat mind reading team will make for a unforgettable show at any corporate event or a private party!