mind reading show

Promo / rider

Show Introduction

This International couple has captivated many audiences around the country performing their interactive mind reading show. What makes these multi talented performers show truly unique is they not only entertain you, but make you a part of the mind-blowing experience that is mentalism. Get ready to be mesmerized, please welcome to the stage - Antonina & David.


  • Performance area

Show on a Stage or Riser or Flat Floor
Performance area with a minimum size of 8’x16’, and a minimum 8’ foot floor to celling clearance is required. (Keep in mind, this is a minimum as a large area is preferred.)  If the show is to be performed on a flat floor, it must be in an open area that is visible by the audience.

  • Lighting

Performance area must be well lit for the audience to properly see the show.  A well-lit stage with half house lights is preferred.

  • Sound

We will need an input for 3 wireless microphones and an Ipad. 

Microphones: 1 headset microphone and 2 wireless handhelds.  (Antonina & David will bring their own microphones which can be used if needed). The microphones’ receivers have a XLR output and can be plugged in via a XLR channel.

Music: Ipad will be controlled by a wireless remote with a range of 75 feet.   The Ipad and remote can be plugged in on stage left or right using a power source and XLR channel via a DI-BOX (passive direct box).  (Antonina & David will bring their own passive direct box to plug in the Ipad).

*For events in the New England area Antonina & David have the ability to supply their own sound system & equipment.  Please contact them for details.*